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No more queuing up at a branch. No more endless paperwork. Open an account online from anywhere at any time. Just scan and upload your documents instead of couriering them to us.
Moreover, once you’ve opened your account, you can carry out your everyday banking transactions online too – using either our Internet Banking platform or our mobile app or email.

You can enjoy these perks too:

  • Best exchange rates on SWIFT transfers where conversion is done by us
  • Easy funds transfers – use Transferwise, Remit2India, M2I, InstaRem, Remitly, Xoom etc to credit your IDFC account
  • Free Visa Signature debit card issued ON REQUEST – One card for both NRE & NRO Accounts
  • Limit management on international usage of debit card in your hands – switch on/off or customize your own limits through our Internet Banking platform or our mobile app
  • No charges for any banking transactions, no monthly fee if balance falls below Rs.25,000
  • Easy setup of internet banking username & password without waiting for a courier to reach your address
  • All transactions possible remotely on internet banking or mobile app or email
  • Option to receive OTPs via email too, so all your transactions can go through

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